Where Seedlings Sprout

The Phillips Growing Tunnels are an integral part of Piney Woods Farm. The seven tunnels grow many of the crops produced. Their purpose is to aid in controlling the environment from wind, rain, and drought in order to maximize the production for food banks and other community charities. When seedlings are planted and start to sprout, they are relocated to the tunnels where they are monitored and cared for until  ready for harvesting.

What can I experience at the Growing Tunnels? When you step inside the tunnels, you are surrounded by cascading rows of growing crops. Depending on the season, you can never expect the same experience twice. These tunnels are environmentally controlled and help the crops acclimate to growing conditions, which creates a natural powerhouse for growing large amounts of healthy food. You will learn about the workings of the tunnel system, which methods are best for each crop, the timeline of the harvesting process, and more!