Where Groundwork & Scientific Methods Come Together

The Farm Lab is where we measure the health of the soil at Piney Woods Farm. We do this by examining and identifying the microorganisms contained in the soil as  taught by the Soil Food Web School. Dr. Elain Ingham’s methods of making compost also allows us to take steps to rectify problems encountered, and attempt to create the healthiest environment for the Farm.  

Inside the Lab

Imagine the typical items you’d find in a science lab—microscopes, test tubes, pipettes and other equipment—that’s what you’ll find in the Farm Lab. As a Regenerative Organic Certified Farm, Piney Woods adheres to the highest standards for soil health and quality. Using our research knowledge and tested skills, we assess all soil composition on Piney Woods Farm to measure its microbiology to ensure soil is of the highest quality we can achieve at this time. 

Continued progress in soil quality is constantly strived for and proven by our ability to verify the results with our microscopes and other equipment in the lab.