Sweet & Supple Orchard Crops

In the Orchard, Piney Woods Farm has several types of fruit bearing trees. Some of the favorites are persimmons, Asian pears, and figs—and of course the muscadines! The orchard has not reached full maturity yet, but we are happy to say it’s well on its way to a fruitful future! Food gathered from the Orchard will be routinely harvested and donated to the community and offered for purchase on the farm.

Is That a Chicken Truck?

If you’re on the farm and you happen to see a chicken truck in the Orchard, don’t worry—that’s our full-circle, closed-loop process in action! As part of our sustainable growing techniques, we employ our chickens to support the Orchard. The movable chicken truck makes its way around the Orchard, where the chickens scratch the ground, eat the pests and help protect the Orchard.