Meet the Honey Bees!

On Piney Woods Farm, we love honey bees! In the wide open fields on the farm the bee arbor hives buzz with honey bees and that’s the way we like it! Honey bees are one of the earth’s most important pollinators. They pollinate roughly 80% of the world’s plants! On top of the veggies and fruits we consume, honey bees supply us with oh-so-sweet honey we can’t get enough of on the farm.


What’s the Honey House?

When honey bees begin to fill their hives with cured and capped honey, The Honey House is where we take them to extract the honey! Suited up head to toe, our Piney Woods Farm beekeepers carefully open the hive and remove the bees. Next, we remove the honey-laden frames and prepare to uncap the honey. 

Our honey extractor allows us to place up to 20 frames inside the drum. The frames are then spun, forcing the honey to the sides of the drum. The honey is drained to the clarifier and run through the filtration system. Then Finally into the bottling tanks. Watching the process from beginning to end is a fascinating and interesting experience!

Fun Fact In one season on Piney Woods Farm, we harvested around 600 pounds of honey from our beehives!