Piney Woods Farm, LaGrange Georgia

Piney Woods Farm provides food to those in need, learning opportunities for the community, and regenerative organic methods of soil rehabilitation. The farm is a gathering place to enjoy nature and all its bounty.

about the farm

Every effort made on Piney Woods Farm is about building a better future for our community and the next generation. Our mission is to establish regenerative farming practices, so in the future, nutrient dense and healthy food will be available, and provide learning opportunities for the community.

Using regenerative organic techniques, we’re focusing on initiatives that make long-term and lasting impacts. With heightened soil health, we hope to provide local communities with better nourishment; to date, we’ve donated over 95,000 pounds of nutrient-dense foods to charities!

Through programs of discovery, visitors of all ages witness and observe our biologically-rooted efforts toward a healthier, full-circle ecosystem. With hands-on workshops, guests develop a new appreciation for earth’s bounties and decades-old heritage practices that deserve to be passed on to future generations. 

The farm is a respite from everyday life that enriches the souls and enlightens the minds of its guests along the way.

Piney Woods Farm honey bee


Enjoy hands-on workshops and immersive creative experiences with your community. From soap-making to sheep-shearing, canning to baking, and decades-old heritage practices that deserve to be passed on. Come explore with us in a nurturing non-competitive environment at Piney Woods Farm!

regenerative organic techniques

Everything planted, cultivated and generated is interconnected and rooted in biological science. Piney Woods Farm is moving beyond organic to a highly technical, regenerative farm with zero waste in a closed-loop biological cycle.



Piney Woods Farm is a 501(c)3 charity. All monies earned from the farm operations goes toward the mission of feeding and nourishing our community.

explore the farm

With a passion for agriculture and connecting people with the land, Piney Woods Farm is a sanctuary to discover nature’s marvels and escape from the everyday hustle of life. Explore the farm to see how regenerative organic techniques apply to fruits, vegetables, sheep, chickens, honey bees and much more. Explore soil fertility, cultivate mushrooms and dive deep into composting, teas and extracts!

Piney Woods Farm Map