We were off to a great start.

Piney Woods Farm began, and exists today, as an organic charitable farm providing nutritious organic produce to local food banks, organizations and communities. Recently we started to notice that the  strictly organic method of food production was requiring more and more outside inputs, and sometimes harsh materials to provide the same yield. The overall nutritional value seemed to be declining. Each season, the amount of crops produced on the Farm began dwindling and each surviving yield of produce was decreasing in nutrition and taste. Attempts were made to improve farm yields including cover crops, reduced tilling, and a reduction of organically approved chemical usage. The land was not responding.

Something had to change.

Digging for answers revolutionized the Farm leading to more sustainable and regenerative approaches – guiding Piney Woods Farm into the future. 

Today, from farm to future! Driven by natural curiosity and rooted in biological science, Piney Woods Farm expanded to include Regenerative Organic Agriculture. This encompases traditional organic farming techniques, but includes immersive biological applications. The Farm focuses on regenerative soil health and nurturing the farm’s biodiversity in a closed-loop, zero-waste cycle. Everything on the farm serves a multi-functional purpose for our environment. The Farm is committed to understanding the soil’s unique biology for this region in order to maximize biodiversity, and improve soil health.

Working with nature and all of its magnificent microscopic lifeforms that replenishes and rebuilds the soil. This biocomplete soil allows the plants to provide very nutrient dense food for good health and well being. Nutrient dense produce is typically raised locally and eaten within a few days of harvesting. It is grown in the healthiest soils in order for the plant to produce healthy, vitamin rich, high quality food. Healthier for you and the environment!