Our mission is to make available geographically-specific Regenerative Organic and Natural Farming techniques developed at Piney Woods Farm. We help supply a bounty of food in our community through organic, healthy produce. We offer educational classes about the products that are developed on the farm such as lavender, wool, alpaca, honey, mushrooms, and all of natures bounty!

The Beliefs That Drive The Farm Piney Woods Farm is a Regenerative Organic Certified Farm. The Farm adheres to the highest standards for soil health, animal welfare and production integrity. A 100% charity-driven farm, Piney Woods is committed to improving the lives and health of our community.

A Community Obligation

No person should worry when they might eat again or where their next meal may come from. Piney Woods Farm is trying to help alleviate this insecurity. The Farm is committed to providing fresh organic produce. Using regenerative farming techniques, the farm is focusing on initiatives that make long-term and lasting impacts. 

Supporting Continual Learning 

At Piney Woods Farm we believe that continual learning opportunities can spark joy, curiosity, fulfillment, artistic expression and build a better community. Through programs of discovery, hands-on workshops and immersive experiences the community can experience the wonder of discovering a variety of programs at the Farm in a nurturing non-competitive environment.