A Hands-On, Immersive Learning Center

The Davis Discovery Center at Piney Woods Farm offers an escape from the fast-paced, busy lifestyles we’re accustomed to. Celebrating our heritage and agricultural roots, the Davis Discovery Center is the center of learning and exploration here at Piney Woods Farm. The farm is a retreat for curious souls and artistic expression. Reconnect with yourself and the colorful world around us through hands-on classes, immersive experiences, guided workshops and more.

What Can I Experience at the Discovery Center? Davis Discovery Center welcomes people of all stages in life to discover a new understanding of the processes and efforts that go into the decades-old heritage practices that deserve to be passed on. Come explore with us in a nurturing non-competitive environment.

Experts from the community and abroad share their expertise as they guide intimate-sized classes on a myriad of traditional and progressive topics and processes. Craft classes, culinary experiences, regenerative farming presentations and beyond will leave you with your soul refreshed and rejuvenated and a new appreciation for the land and its bounty!