They Said It Couldn’t Be Done In Georgia

They might be right! At Piney Woods Farm our desire to provide a unique experience to visitors has been experimenting with growing lavender for approximately four years. To date we have had limited success. All of these efforts pre-date the shift to the biological approach to agriculture and therefore we are presently experimenting with our extracts and teas. 

Georgia is a very difficult climate to grow lavender and this will be a very good opportunity to observe and examine our biological approach in action. In Georgia, lavender has a life span of approximately five years. In order to plant lavender en-mass you must be prepared to replace all plants periodically. Our experience shows approximately 20% dieback each year and at least 50% dieback on a four to five year cycle. If we can extend the life of the plant with biocomplete biology we would consider this a success. If you are interested in lavender and its uses follow us on our social media as we intend to update our efforts periodically. 

“Lavender is hard to grow in Georgia. That’s why we want to succeed at it.” – Piney Woods Farm

Lavender On The Farm

Harvested lavender is used in many different ways on Piney Woods Farm. Lavender is used in soap making workshops, floral arrangements and fragrant decor. When you visit Piney Woods Farm look for the Lavender Field and hopefully opportunities to enjoy in the future!